Sunday, June 3, 2007

This Is Really Hard

Summary of the first week (person who called the "that's what she said" in brackets):

1. BarBri Professor (imitating Triumph the Insult Dog): "Justin Timberlake... you can find him in the rap section, you can find him in the pop section... he doesn't know where to suck!" [E]

2. Jim, talking (way too much) about doing Tae Bo: "You're doing all of this weird stuff, it really works your ass, and it gets to the point where you're like: Holy shit! He wants me to do that again?!?!?" [E]

3. Erik, walking across the street on a hot day: "Oooohhh! Feels like a hot one!" [J]

4. Suzi, referring to Erik's Manhattan: "You worked really hard to get to that cherry." [L]

5. Jim, unscrewing the cable from the back of a TV: "It was really stuck. That kinda hurt." [E]

6. Josh, after a long discussion of the game: "That was dollar worthy." [E]

Current Score:

Erik = 4
Jim = 1
Lindsey = 1

The jar has: $6.00


Adam said...

i was expecting hundreds of dollars by now. at this rate you will only be able to buy 2 bottles of Andre

Michael Scarn said...

like that's a bad thing?

Rebecca said...

Are you in NY? I had that exact same JT quote in barbri, what the hell was the subject matter though-Evidence?

Michael Scarn said...

It was in Real Property.

By the way, how did you find this blog? I was trying to keep it hidden and out of view, so that other people wouldn't be able to sneak a quick peek! But I guess it's out in the open! I might as well show everyone now.